Feb 20

Coincidence Part [2]

I was supposed to return to campus the next week so I decided to confront her. I wanted to do it when dad was not around because I knew if she wanted to spill, she might not be comfortable around dad. This was a woman to woman talk.

Feb 19

Coincidence Part [1]

The story of my birth and all its activities was aired on local and national TV and sprinkled on the pages of several dailies. To crown it all, I came out a beauty. I inherited my father’s blue eyes and my mother’s flawless skin. My parents couldn’t have been more happier at that moment.

Feb 16

Dream of a Dying Summer


I hear a beeping sound and look at my watch and realize that my time is up and I am to be transported back to the teleportation device. After the normal feeling of drowsiness and imbalance, the beeping sound still continues and I am annoyed because I do not want to open my eyes.

Feb 14

How I Became A Monogamous Ho


After years of successfully detaching feelings from sex, having sex with someone you’re batshit in love with is a high like I’ve never smoked. There is something else I experienced for the first time that I didn’t even know existed, we can just sit and chill doing our own thing, not having sex and it is so lovely.

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