Oct 21

How She Lives


From a very little age, I have always wanted to do things my way, it was mostly my way or no other way. I have always been the black sheep, I remember my mother always comparing me to my brother “why can’t you be more like your brother”, she will say. She tried to tame me in lots of ways.

Oct 20

Oh But Who Will Marry Me If….?


There are, in fact, many things true under the sun. One of them is this : the ultimate goal of the average Nigerian woman, and please note that I use the word “average”- a word meant to include everyone and everything though not always successful, in my opinion. Still, maybe I should say, more often than not, the ultimate goal of the average Nigerian woman, consciously or unconsciously, is marriage.

Oct 19

There’s Something About Rain [4]

Abraham’s apartment was a two-bedroom. They sat in his bed. Regina knew what was going to happen and it was just a matter of when. She knew she wasn’t just there because of DVDs. When Abraham stepped out of the bedroom to turn off the TV in the sitting room, Regina got a WhatsApp message from Hakeem: I’m really sorry. Can we talk tomorrow?

Oct 18

The Apathetic Citizen


Nigerians constantly do the most unseemly things merely to survive. Whether it’s walking to and fro inbetween oncoming traffic from 8 till late selling packaged sausages or carrying around a brush and water just to wipe windscreens so they can get 50/100 naira just to get something to eat.

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