Mar 16

My Father’s World

The two room apartment we managed to get was in one of the busy streets of Alaba where empty sachets of water and transparent nylons – both white and black – competed for spaces inside the ground like weeds fighting to outgrow roses, only that I was never able to tell which was the weed or rose.

Mar 15

The Dreaded Red


Then there’s the diaper rash! Two days into my period and my inner thighs are beginning to chafe and my butt crack is all sweaty and uncomfortable. Alas, a normal period for me ends on Day 5, so I have to endure the nappy rash and hope for the best.

Mar 14

The Battle Lost

My skillful endurance and endless prayers were as futile as taking a knife to a fight with Hitler. The harder I fought, the deeper I fell in love with him and the deeper I fell, the easier I made her job. No matter how much he wanted to be away from her, he needed her to survive and the scent of her skin always chained him back to her post.

Mar 13

Dear Him


I cannot stop being myself because it is inconvenient for you. I cannot stop loving certain people because it hurts you. I can’t ‘magic’ myself to emotional stability or regrow my hymen because those things are inconvenient for you.

Mar 10

For The Love Of TNC


There were articles that shocked me beyond belief, articles that made me cry, articles that reverberated through my soul, articles that made me want to hug the person nearest to me. The best part, INFORMATION! Yes, I honestly can say that I never needed to watch the news or even go on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media app, because it was always all right here on TNC!

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